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JB Marketing Systems is built on the philosophy that everyone deserves financial independence. Business owners, staff, client/customers and others in the community can all drive, enhance & share in business success together. 

Marketing Strategy

How to incentivise and utilize your workload for massive business expansion! 

Massive Growth

  1. Increase the retention of talent.
  2. create your own marketing movement
  3. Generate residual income for staff & ownership 

Guaranteed ROI

All business gained is new business gained with no investment required. 

Champion of the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Without the need to become a competitor, stakeholders can now build their own business on your c0mpaines platform.

This creates more independence, unlimited scaling potential, and massive organizational growth.

Guarenteed  ROI 

Our Basic Concept requires $0.00 Investment, with a split only on new business guaranteed by our powerful business building strategy.    


New profit per year


Average invest per year


  • Associate Registration

  • Revenue Management

  • Administrative Services & Communication

  • Back Office Management & Support

A Leader In The Industry

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Creative Team

Brandon Blackman

Brandon Blackman

Social Media

Barry Jackman

Barry Jackman


C. Evan Anderson

C. Evan Anderson

Information Technology


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